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When something little makes a big difference…

Each organisation relies on the efforts of many people to enable it to operate. Committee members, staff, volunteers and members can all contribute to make our organisations fantastic. Sometimes in the haze of organising an AGM we can overlook this as a fabulous opportunity to publicly thank the people that make it what it is.

People go out of their way to do a great job for many reasons and generally don’t expect to be thanked. However that does not mean it shouldn’t happen. We all know the little glow we get when someone makes the effort to tell you they think you are doing a great job or the difference something you have done made for them.

It is surprising to go to AGM’S and the efforts of the committee, staff and volunteers go unacknowledged. Many organisations do have volunteer lunches and committee celebrations, however publicly saying thank you is important, taking the time to make or find something as a reminder of your appreciation, makes it even better.

You may have 40 people to think about, but it doesn’t need to cost a lot of money. With a very small investment of $100 you create a lot more value in goodwill.

These are 10 low cost ideas, I am sure we can come up with many more:

  1. Photo and frame: Print a photo of the whole gang, the house, an event or the person “in action.” Present it in a frame from the $2 shop, you can even add your own caption.
  2. Buy some “potted colour” plants/ native tube stock (about $2 ) and produce your own plant tag or label with a special message.
  3. If you have a craft group, wood turners or painters recruit them a few months before the AGM for some unique and local gifts.
  4. Recruit the cooking group or CWA to make a batch of jams, relishes or biscuits and finish with your own label.
  5. You can buy some great pens personalised with your own message and logo for around $2.50
  6. Cardboard gift boxes filled with chocolates (hopefully made by one of your groups or classes) can also be personalised with a message.
  7. If your AGM falls during the summer months a mini fruit basket can be put together for another low cost and healthy “thank you”.
  8. Producing a book of recipes contributed by committee, participants, volunteers and staff and could include photos and stories.
  9. If your budget stretches a little further you can purchase clean skins wine and personalise.
  10. Finally, if you would like to give a gift that keeps on giving, Oxfam has a wonderful range of animals and opportunities that can be donated in the name of the person, or a group of people. Donating a chicken to a village in Laos costs $10…. And you can produce a personalised card letting people know you have made this donation in their name.

Interested to hear your thoughts, ideas or comments!

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